17 June 2016

Granted Clemency (pt. 2)

Fast forward to April 29th: I’m at the gates of the Federal Bureau of Prisons: Terminal Island. I’m with his lawyer, Ms. Kim Savo, and my stepmom. This is a big day. First of all, Kim Savo, this miniature lawyer in a suit and a buzz cut, is the most amazing person in the world right now. Secondly, she curses like a sailor and I stan for her ass because she doesn’t take shit. Thirdly, she gave me my dad back. Her very first clemency is my dad.

Of course, the correctional officers are their usual dickish selves.

“Stand behind that line.”
“Please don’t do doughnuts in the parking lot.”
“We’re not releasing him before 7:15am.”
“It’ll be a minute.”

It’s 7:00am on a Friday. I took off work, I fought with my contact lenses at 6am, my outfit was not as cute as it was in my head… I’ve waited 8 years to jump on my dad. [Bitch, you gon’ deal with what ever the fuck I do to greet my dad.]

From behind the line, way the fuck across from the gate where he’ll be released, I see correctional officers just doing fuckshit behind the gate... laughing and joking. Where’s my dad?!

15 minutes later, I see a tall shadow of a guy in a sweat suit strolling towards the gate. There he is!! I see his waist-length dreads are pulled up into a knitted cap. There he is!!

The gate slowly begins opening. I start videoing from my iPhone. [I was gonna make a documentary, titled, “Shot on an iPhone 6.”] Fuck it, I sprint over to the gate. I wait until he puts his bags on the ground. I stop recording and pounce. “DADDDYYYY!!!” I leap on him. I’m already crying. I’m a punk, I know. What could possibly ruin this glorious moment?

One of the correctional officers huffs, “Ma’am, can you get to the vehicle first?”
My ace, muhfuckin’ Kim Savo, retorts, “Because it would just be so fucking humane of you to let his daughter hug him after eight gotdamned years.” You see why I love her?!

We finally get to the car, and he lifts me off my feet and kisses my cheek. He gives my stepmom a hug. Then he turns to tiny Kim. She’s about 5’0 and he’s 6’3. He grabs her and lifts her off her feet, hugging her. She’s tearing up, too. They’re looking at each other in amazement. She’s amazed at her work of getting him out; he’s amazed at how such a small person can be so fucking wonderful! I’m just the camera girl.

My grandfather, uncle, and cousin meet us at the gate. They exchange hugs in front of the place that we have despised for the past eight years. It’s almost over.

My dad is currently in a halfway house until July 28th, his official release date. However, it’s nearby and I can talk to him on the phone whenever I want. I can visit him whenever I want. Until July 28th, we’ve just been going to the mall and buying him clothes. Ya’ know, you don’t really think you miss a lot in an 8-year span, but it’s a lot of shit we’ve had to catch him up on.

  • iPhones – his last phone was a Boost Mobile; I had a SideKick. He has a 6S Plus, now. When he first saw my phone, he exclaimed, “That’s a phone?!”
  • Computers – he’s never really been tech savvy. We’re getting him a Mac.
  • Social Media – he was barely used to MySpace before going in. He refuses to have any social media.
  • Attire – he’s from Compton; he used to wear damn 5XL because that was “the thing to do.” We’ve finally convinced him that he’s only a 2XL.

Anyway, that is the end of this saga.
His first selfie :)

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