06 June 2015

Eff Your Humility

Hello. I'm awesome. I graduated high school at 16, traveled abroad at 17, was invited to join Kappa Delta Pi at 23, received three degrees by 24, and looking into getting my PhD by 30. To top it all off, I'm a teacher. Fuck yeah, I'm a beast. My accomplishments don't make me awesome, though. The fact that I don't dim my light for anyone throughout it all makes me awesome. I have friends studying to be doctors and psychologists who are more awesome than me, and I'm still recognize my own fabulosity. Do you see how this cycle of awesomeness works? I'm awesome, I have awesome friends, we eventually produce awesome kids, who will have awesome friends, and so on and so on. No hate, no one encouraging them to be humble; it's all love.

On Saturday, Twitter was particularly perturbed by Serena Williams' so-called "lack of humility" after winning her 3rd French Open title, and her 20th major title. Who says she needs to humble herself? Serena has so many accomplishments under her belt that she can crip walk down the aisle to receive communion for all I care. Why should she have to downplay her strengths and skills because someone else feels inferior? If you feel some type of way (word to Rich Homie Quan), then step your game up. You mad, bro?

You Mad Brah? (Vine)
One of my Facebook friends once put on her status that we are raising a bunch of entitled brats who get ribbons for participating just so they don't get left out. As an educator, I can agree with that. There's no reward in getting an A for just attending. I have students tell me that I'm being unfair when I only offer them half credit when something is more than a week late. Last week, students were whining that I gave them half credit for work that was due in MARCH. There's a math teacher on campus who gives students C's for missing work. Therefore, they lowest grade they can get, without turning a single paper in, will be a C. They'll still pass. That's a slap in the face for those who try and still don't understand it, but are managing average grades. How the fuck is this helping those who didn't do it? Where is the assessment? Where is the accountability?

I recently went on a job interview for a school whose website boldly states, "We avoid the social promotion of students before they meet the grade level standards." In my interview, I asked them to clarify what they meant. The interviewer said, "If a student does not meet the grade level standards, we will implement certain interventions. If the student still does not meet standards, we will not be promoting them. They will be retained and need to repeat the grade." It took the strength of Buddha to stop me from yelling, "Yaaaaaassssss, bish, yaaaaasssss!" (I hope I get that job.)

Excuse my rant; back to Serena Williams being unapologetically amazing. Who is anyone to tell her to be more humble? Shit, I couldn't ever tell her to chill out. If I'm kicking ass and taking names, I'd be crip walking, hitting my Nae Nae, and Schmoney dancing through life with a tiara on my head. There's a fine line between being arrogant and confident. As long as she isn't slam dunking on newborn babies, she can do no wrong so fuck your humility.


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