23 May 2015

The Myth of the Good Cop

"Not guilty."

Those two words are powerful. They tell an entire nation that Black lives don't fucking matter. They tell us that, at any opportunity to kill a nigger, the cops will jump giddily. Ku Klux Kops will play their role in the court room. They'll make a plan to chug beer and hammer some sluts with their bros later, but first, they have to deal with the business of beating a murder trial.

When my fellow Black citizens are being warned to keep the peace (because a KKKop couldn't keep his), there's always that dumb ass yelling and tweeting, "Not all cops!" Bitch, what? Shut the entire fuck up. If there are so many "good cops" out there, why are they letting the bad ones gain notoriety in the media? Where are they to tell these "bad cops" that, if they fear so much for their lives, then maybe law enforcement isn't for them? Where are the good cops in speaking out against the injustice? When are the good cops going to assure the public that there will be no more names being hashtagged for justice? Will the real good cops please stand up? Stand up against those who change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter because that has proven to be one of the nation's biggest lies.

Cops get so upset when people wear Stop Snitching shirts, but where are these so-called "good cops" to start snitching on the bad ones? Stop calling for peace when one of these cops decides that a bruised ego is worthy of another Black life gone. Good cops, my ass. Was the good cop the one driving up to the scene while the other murdered Tamir? Why haven't we heard from him? Was the good cop standing behind the 13 firing 137 shots into a Chevy Malibu?

I'm peaceful, but when a "democratic" nation tells me that my Black ass life is barely worth the letters after a pound sign, I say, "Fuck you, let's burn this bitch down!"

💋 P.

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