30 June 2014

The Prioritization of Christianity

Firstly, welcome back! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. Now that I'm posting a new post, I'm not sure how many people are going to take too kindly with this one. Welp.

Alright, let's get down to business.

Last week, the Supreme Court made a decision striking down the Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone law. Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of three family-owned businesses, saying they can refuse to pay for certain forms of contraception that they find morally repugnant. Morally repugnant??? On Twitter, someone posted that they had noticed that Christianity was always being prioritized over other religions. Though I was raised Christian, I agree with the tweeter. I have seen this multiple times throughout my lifetime. It's sad. How many religions are there? Out of roughly 4,200 religions in the world, Christianity gets its way all of the time. In court, we swear on the Christian Bible; we create laws based on the Christian faith. For a country that doesn’t have an “official” religion, the U.S. sure loves to rely on good ol’ Christianity for moral guidance. How many different how many times do we see anything being fought for in the name of other religions? The argument against same-sex marriage uses the Christian Bible. The argument against abortion is based in Christian beliefs. The argument against birth control is centered in Christianity.
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As I’ve already stated, I was raised as a Christian. However, my views have changed in light of all of the different types of persecution that they engage in. For example, if you are gay or if you are did you do something that's against the Bible, they will persecute you with the quickness. Last year, someone I know complained about having to go to a same-sex tolerance training for their job. Her main complaint was, "Well, what about my religion? What about tolerance for my religion? I don't believe in that gay shit!" Ma'am, find a seat and have one. Your religion, Christianity, gets all the tolerance in the world. We have to do everything in the name of Christianity... even our money has "In God We Trust" printed on it! While I’m not denouncing Christianity, I cannot fully identify as a Christian because I really don’t know what to believe. However, I would like to ask, “Where is the tolerance for other religions?” We really have yet to see it. Everyone is free to practice their own religion, sure. But how many times have we seen people side-eyed for not believing in God? Hell, if you’re a Muslim, you’re automatically mentally associated with radicals and suicide bombers. If you’re an atheist, they assume you’re a part of a satanic cult.

Christianity comes in first place in every aspect of life. What happened to the separation of church and state? We are not supposed to be creating laws and passing bills based off of Christianity and yet we do. We will put people's lives in jeopardy (and when I say people, I mean mostly women's lives) in jeopardy in the name of Christianity. If she's a rape victim and she gets pregnant as a result, and (God forbid) she wants to get an abortion, it's met with "Well, what about God's plan for this child?" No, fuck your "blessing in disguise" bullshit. Just no. If a woman wants to get birth control, it's always "Stop being a slut." There other benefits that come along with taking birth control, not just preventing pregnancy. It’s okay; Google is your friend.

</ rant >
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  1. This blog is funny, insightful, and unfortunately very true. I actually agree with most of u shared. Great job!