05 August 2013

Stop Co-signing Ignorance

I don't have children, but based upon some of things I've seen on various social networks, some people should not have reproduced. Recently, I was scrolling through some Vine videos online, and stumbled upon a video featuring a little boy telling his adult cousin “Shut the fuck up, bitch.” While parents (or whoever uploaded the video) may not blatantly co-signing the behavior in the video, by uploading the video and making their child an online sensation, they are showing some kind of approval.

Sadly, as an educator, I encounter tons of elementary students who can easily quote a rap song, but can't focus on their school work as intensely. In a recent interview with Complex, internet sensation Terio names his favorite rapper: Chief Keef. His favorite song is “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef. Honestly, I had to research who the heck Chief Keef was before writing this. Upon doing research, I wish I hadn't. Chief Keef is a 17-year-old rapper who has a terrible reputation, including domestic violence against the mother of his child, risky sexual behavior, and lyrics boasting about violence.

I'm so confused at the role models (or lack thereof) in the world. While Terio never stated that he looks up to Chief Keef as a role model, I'm still appalled at the fact that he even knows who Chief Keef is. In doing my research, I found an article in which Chief Keef's grandmother talks about being excited about him getting out of the juvenile delinquency center. Her solution to his problems? “Leave him alone and buy him somecondoms.” Oh.

Back to my original point, stop cosigning ignorance. Seeing a child twerking or cursing or rapping lyrics to a 2 Chainz or YG song is not appealing at all. How is this cute? Your 2-year-old knowing how to twerk is not talent. Rather than putting your child on Vine to show the world your child's ratchet abilities, maybe you should teach them something useful.


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  1. I sometime wonder if these kids have knowledge of basis math. If they can read at their grade level, or better yet form a sentence with proper grammar.
    I agree with you 100% I had to delete friends and family members who condone that type of behavior. I've said it many of times, that there should be an application process in order to have children.
    What pains me is that there are couples around the world trying so hard to have a baby who would make wonderful parents. Then you see these idiot with 8 of them doing absolutely nothing to help develop as a adult human. Instead they unleash their untrained kids out into the world for us to deal with it.