03 July 2013

[Poetry] Right Song, Wrong Melody

The lyrics were beautiful
The words and syllables enthralled me
Enticed me to listen
Calmed my vivid vibrant vibes
Each letter properly placed
Each fitting syllable proudly pronounced
The writer was a too familiar friend
Yet, the composer, an unkind enemy

I could learn to love the melody

We became acquainted when I knew no better
My radical red heart wanted a booming beat to dance
Fast fresh fuchsias clouded rationale
Living life loudly was the motto
But he slowed the tempo
He gave me a new vibe, becoming my new favorite song
Introducing me to incensed nightclubs and honeysuckle hues
Freed afros transitions into swaying locs
The 80s became the 90s

Times were changing

Sacrifices were made to adapt into his created kismet
I never questioned or argued the track sequencing
Cataclysmic thoughts were pacified by the new scenery
The aesthetic of perfection was harmony
I closed my eyes and let the groove overwhelm me

Upon opening my eyes, the honeymoon was over


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