06 February 2013

Parading White Privilege

Last night's episode of LHHNY was really a hot mess. I'm not going to even get into the Tahiry-Joe-Kaylin situation and the impending blow-up between Tahiry and Kaylin. In the midst of Jen and Raqi arguing about Raqi's hoe tendencies, Raqi says, “Have fun trying to get hot.” Jen retorts, “I'm white, honey; it's going to get done!” After Raqi called her an “entitled honky,” she even agreed, acknowledging and embracing her white privilege. Jen was correct about Raqi's actions on the show, but then she became a complete asshole for even bringing race into the argument. It was below the belt to even use her race as a reason why she'd be successful in the radio industry. She didn't say that her experience and credibility would help her get on; she went directly to race. It seemed to me that she bypassed logic in her argument and went straight to the jugular. However, the sad part of this is that her words are an embodiment of the reality of things. White people are favored in society, even if they aren't qualified. This is not the case for everything, but the majority of the time, yes. This is particularly evident in the judicial system and employment.

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This argument comes a day after Senator John McCain tweeted, “So Ahmadinejad wants to be first Iranian in space – wasn't he just there last week? 'Iran launches monkey into space,'” followed by “Re: Iran space tweet – lighten up folks, can't everyone take a joke?” No matter what race you are, making race jokes is not cool. For a senator—a government official—to publicly compare someone to an animal is out of fucking line, especially when people of color are typically compared to monkeys as an insult.

As many people already know, I'm not easily offended, but I'm so fucking sick and tired of level of racial bigotry and disrespect. (It seems like it has inflated since President Obama has been in office also).I have no problem with white people acknowledging their white privilege, but that does not mean rub it in. Hell, if I was entitled, I'd probably enjoy reaping the benefits of it, but I wouldn't get upset that others are trying to better themselves. That's just disgusting.

As a person of color, how do you feel about white people parading their white privilege? As a white person, what are your feelings about white privilege? Do you embrace it or try to combat it?

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