07 January 2013

Why Rush?: 5 Reasons Why I Don't Need to Get Married Now

Last week I was flipping through the channels and caught that show “Mobbed,” in which flash mobs are used as to deliver personal news. The episode I watched was where a woman was dating her boyfriend for a few years and was tired of waiting for a proposal so her ultimatum was to either get married right then and there, or break up.

Yesterday, I read a tweet from someone saying something along the lines of “If you're in your 20s and have been dating someone for more than 3 years and haven't gotten a proposal, hang it up.”

Wow. I'm quite fascinated by the logic of some people. I've been dating my boyfriend for 6.5 years and we're not even close to getting married, but I have never even thought about giving him an ultimatum. I'm 22 years old; why do I need to get engaged now?? Here are my top 5 reasons why I don't want to get married now...
  1. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Once you get married, the pestering doesn't end. People start questioning when you're going to start having children.Hell, they already are. I don't need anymore added stress of people stalking my uterus. 
  1. Sallie Mae and Nelnet are trying to make me their bitch. I have oodles of student loans and I don't want to get married with so much debt. Once I get most of my loans paid down (or off), then maybe I'll start thinking about marriage.
  1. Weddings are expensive. Weddings are tens of thousands of dollars, and they don't have to be, but we've already mentally planned our wedding and it's definitely going to be at least $10,000. Aforementioned, I don't want to get married into so much debt. Why start a life together already in the negatives? And money issues are one of the top causes of divorce. I only plan on marrying once. 
  1. It's not on my list of priorities right now. Right now, my main priority is completing school. As I'm working on a double Master's and then, a PhD., I'm not focused on planning a wedding and changing my last name. 
  1. I want my dad to walk me down the aisle. As many may know, my dad is currently incarcerated. He's already missed two college graduations, my 18th and 21st birthday, and I'll be damned if he has to watch me get married via DVD. Fuck that. If I have to wait 10 years for him to walk me down the aisle, then so be it.
Reasons may be different for other people, but why are people so insistent on looking at people sideways if they want to wait longer to make a commitment?

♥ P.

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