04 January 2013

How Much is Your Virginity Worth?

Yesterday, I ran across an article about another woman in Brazil who was auctioning off her virginity to help her sick mother with medical bills. Though it's a strange thing to put a price on, I commend her bravery to put something so precious on the auction block for a good cause. If my mother was dying, I think I'd do it... though it's a little too late for that. Lol. Anyway, after reading this article, I had a question. How important is virginity? Is it worth any amount of money?

Putting a price on virginity is controversial. However, I've always felt like prostitution should not be illegal or criminalized. Hell, if Kat Stacks and Karrine Steffans can pride themselves on getting bills for sexual acts, then why shouldn't others? Some people view sex as a commodity. How much do/did you value your virginity?

As one of the last people in my high school group of friends to lose their virginity, I don't have any regrets about who took mine. But what about teenagers now? Are they guarding their virginities with the strength of God Himself? Based on my personal experience in working with children between the ages of 1-18, I'm not sure if many of them are discriminate with what's between their legs. Middle and high school students know entirely too much about sex, but I'm not sure if it's based on personal experience or what they've heard.

Sex is everywhere. Radio, television, internet, phone apps, etc... There is no escaping it. And with teens nowadays being built like 25-year-old video vixens, it's no wonder why they're so excited to engage in sex. The media has told them that girls shaped like them look better naked in someone's bed. And boys are told that, in order to be cool, they have to sleep with as many girls as possible. And who is more accessible? The Rosa Acosta-shaped teenage girls at their school.

I can't lie; sex is amazing, but I think kids have more to worry about nowadays. With how fast things on the internet move, they can become a trending topic within 5 minutes of having sex (see: Amber Cole).

What do you think? Is it me, or is the importance of virginity dwindling with every song play on the radio?


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