18 November 2012

What Happens When You Assume?

Whenever I go to Target, I see my friend from high school's mother. She's one of the managers, as she's been as long as I've known her. When I was in high school, she told her daughter not to hang out with me because I would never amount to anything. She told her son that I wasn't good enough to be his girlfriend. Nevermind the fact that I carried a 3.8 gpa throughout my high school career. But I “act” like it. She thought I was out of control and would end up pregnant before graduation. As I've said plenty of times, I was an asshole in high school, but stupid, I was not. Though looking at me from the outside, it wouldn't seem that I had a 3.8 (and I guess getting escorted out of high school in 11th grade didn't help that image either), but why judge a book by it's cover?

Every time I see my friend's mother—which is quite often since I'm addicted to Target—she pretends like she doesn't know me. It's actually pretty frickin' hilarious. Her face gets really tense and she grimaces whenever I come to her to ask for help. If I were the type to gloat, I'd stop and say, “Hey!! Aren't you so-and-so's mom?” I'd make a full spectacle just so I can tell her that she was wrong. However, just by seeing her get so angry every time I walk in, is victory enough.

But what really pissed me off is that when I seen her son last year, he had his punk ass nerve to look down on me because I was at Target (where he works) in the middle of the day in some sweats. He looked at me and said, "Didn't you used to go to SJHS?" I said yeah, and he looked me up and down and responded, "Oh. It looks like you haven't changed much." I looked at him, and said, "That's what you think," and walked out. Bitch please.

The moral of this story is not to make assumptions about someone without actually knowing facts. Just because a person doesn't “act” how an educated person is "supposed" to act, especially in high school, it doesn't mean that they are stupid. I've said plenty of times, I was an asshole in high school. Being in high school at the age of 12, I was still trying to find out who I was. At an early age, I decided that I didn't care about anyone, except myself. My motto was “Fuck you and your feelings,” and I lived by it until 12th grade (age 15/16). When I got “escorted” out of school, I shrugged and kept it moving. You've never have thought I would be on the Dean's List twice in college, however, it's best not to make assumptions because, of course, you end up a tight-faced, bitter Target manager.


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