29 November 2012

Once Again, STFU

We all have that one (or more) family member that makes us want to have a couple of strong drinks. For me, it's my uncle. My uncle spouts some of the most ridiculousness that makes me want to have a couple of nice, strong shots of tequila. Last week, before I could even prepare my shot glasses, my uncle stops by. Him and my grandmother are having a conversation in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I overhear him tell her that the only women who “dislike receiving flowers are those who are single and whose fathers did not love them enough.” Before I put my two cents in, I promptly went to the fridge in search of some tequila. With no luck, I improvised—two glasses of wine straight to the face. “Uncle, I hate receiving flowers and I'm not single, nor was I lacking any love from my father.” He had no response.

I've said this time and time again, but it seems that it falls on deaf ears. Men should not comment on the affairs of women. Don't agree? Look where it got the Republican party.

The little commentary on what women should and shouldn't like; your tweets on how women should and shouldn't act; your advice on how women can keep a man; your ideas of what constitutes a fatherless woman – definitely not warranted. Shut the fuck up.

How the hell are you going to calculate a woman's worth on whether or not she has a man or if her father was in her life? My dad set an amazing example for how a man should treat me, and to be honest, half of you nigglets commenting on women aren't even worthy enough to pump someone's gas, let alone comment on why she's not “wife material.”

I'm just sayin'

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