04 October 2012

Misery +1

Today, the news broke that Chris Brown and Karreuche had split. As social networks went a flutter, the poor girl's Twitter mentions were in shambles. People were tweeting her, chastising her about the breakup and rubbing it in her face. Breakups are never easy, and people just add to the heartache by doing immature shit like that. She was a typical girl in a relationship. Unfortunately, it was a very public relationship, followed by a humiliatingly public breakup. As people are blowing up her mentions with speculation of a “Chrihanna” reunion, I started realizing that some people hate seeing happy relationships.

Whenever I am approached on the street by a guy attempting to get my number, I try my best to respectfully decline with a simple “No, thank you” or “I'm not interested.” If they continue, I politely let them know that I'm in a relationship. Then, here it comes.... “Oh, so you think he's faithful to you?!” Thankfully, I've learned a long time ago that there is a universal belief that all men cheat so I don't react when guys ask me this. Though I'm not na├»ve, I have never had a reason to believe that my bf has been unfaithful to me. I wouldn't put anything past anyone, but I'm not going to just outright believe that because he is a man, he is cheating on me.

Misery loves company. That's why I try not to post too many things on my social networks about my relationship. I'd rather not get people (from across the globe) commenting that my bf is “probably banging the girl next door.” Why are people so fucking rude? I understand that when you post stuff in a public forum (a la Twitter or Facebook), that it's sort of free game to anyone who wants to comment, but what is the purpose of bringing others down just because you're bored? If you can't say anything nice, then... ahhh, nevermind.

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