25 October 2012

...But She Provoked Him

I was gonna do a YouTube vid on this topic, but I don't do well on camera. Anyway, as many people already know, a video was released on World Star of some dude named Lil' Reese firing on some woman. Not only did he punch her, but the video shows him kicking and stomping on her as she was down on the ground. Even though he claims the video was filmed a year ago, he still refused to take responsibility. He blamed it on "his haters." -_____- I'm tired of this bullshit. Videos on top of more videos (usually posted on ignorant ass WSHH) of men pummeling women. On top of the fuckery that is contained in each video, the comment sections are generally filled with people claiming that “she (must have) provoked him” or “she acted like a man so he treated her like one.” It's sickening.

In daycare, we were taught to keep our hands to ourselves. This is a universal rule. However, some women believe that it is gender-specific and only aimed towards men. No. This is a UNIVERSAL rule. Men shouldn't hit women nor should women hit men. Even when a woman is clearly in the wrong, the rule still applies. Women, stop getting in the face of men expecting him not to get mad/emotional and want to hit you. Men, please stop letting women get the best of you. There are plenty of women and men who I think SHOULD be popped in the mouth. However, it is not your place to do it. Men and women, keep your gotdamn hands to yourself.
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Today, I was covering a high school history class. As I supervised at lunch, I see a 10th grade girl, clearly upset, being escorted by one of her friends towards a bench. I overheard her yelling, “Ooh! He was about to get fucked up!” Her friends asked her what happened. She replies, “[So-and-so] called me a bitch. I asked him who the fuck he was talking to, and he walked up on me and said 'you, you bitch.' I have two older brothers and they told me that if a nigga ever called me a bitch, to fuck his ass up. So I dropped my shit, took off my sweatshirt and almost fucked his ass up. His friends was holding him back. I told those bitches to let his ass go. I was about to do it!” This is getting out of hand. The student was in the 10th grade! She learned early to take things to the extreme and handle it herself—not the way to go.

It is never okay to put your hands on anyone. Yes, he called you out of your name, but I'd rather you call a teacher to handle the situation than for you to do it yourself. Who knows, the boy could've been harboring some other emotions and was gonna take the opportunity to take it out on her face. If, at a young age, this boy was getting riled up and was willing to fight this girl today, who knows how many others there have been before or will be in the future?

Another prime example is the bus driver video a couple weeks ago. The woman was clearly wrong to begin with, but once the bus driver decided to put hands on her, they were both forced to share responsibility in the events that occurred.

Walking away does not mean that you are any less of a woman/man. It means that you have self-control. Yes, everyone has emotions, but you need to learn how to keep them in your control. I've learned that keeping your cool while someone else is hooting and hollering over something only makes them look stupid. Only when they strike first, is it your duty to protect yourself. And by “protect yourself,” I don't mean fire away at their face. Protecting yourself includes walking away, grabbing their arms to stop them from swinging, calling the police..etc. No matter how many times you've Mortal Kombat'ed his/her ass through a wall in your mind, don't do it.

This has been a PBK Public Service Announcement. My name is Phoenix, and I approve this message.


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