20 September 2012

PBK is 2 Years Old!!

PBK is 2 years old!! I feel like a proud parent. I still remember when I first decided to buy the PinkBrassKnuckles.com domain. I remember, during the first few months of trying to decide what type of blog it would be, posting random blog posts. After the first year, I felt proud to have gotten such a positive response from the blog postings. This year, I focused less on quantity, and more on quality—even going weeks without posting out of lack of something substantial to say. Regardless, my followers have gone along on the journey with me. From writing rants entitled, “Brand New? Bitch, I Might Be” and “Not That I Owe Anyone An Explanation,” to more serious posts like “When Sex Gets Serious” and “Teachers Deserve So Much More,” everyone has stuck by PBK.

For this, I want to say thank you. I never set out to be the next Blogxilla or Necole Bitchie, and I probably never will be at that level. I'm fine with that. I just love to write. And even through the times where I've wanted to call it quits, my small band of followers have continued to encourage me. I love it.

Thank you!

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