04 September 2012

Mrs. Obama: The Epitome of Eloquent

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama's speech tonight was so beautiful. As I was leaving class tonight, I turned on my radio to find a station playing the Democratic National Convention. I was super late, but I caught onto the last 10 minutes of Michelle's speech.

I've always loved her, but tonight, I think I developed a girl crush. Lol. She's so eloquent and so in love with her husband. Just listening to her speak about her husband and her love for him is not only touching, but a relief. Rarely do you see a politician show their sensitive sides, let alone adoration for their significant other in the public eye. With the Obamas, not only do you see their love for one another, you can feel it. The way they look at each other. Even in little gestures to each other, the love is felt. Now, I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, but when they're in the public's eye, their chemistry is wonderful.

I don't based my political views on the candidates' love lives. However, if I did, the Obamas would win by a landslide. As far as I can remember, no former president has really shown as much adoration for his wife as President Obama. To me, they are the perfect team--a more prestigious, dignified and presidential Beyonce and Jay-Z, if you will. Lol. I love it.

Check out FLOTUS's speech below.

Please get out there and vote, and encourage others to exercise their right to vote!!


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