29 August 2012

Not That I Owe Anyone An Explanation...

I started school yesterday. Not just any school—grad school. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you already know how excited I am to be back in school. I received my AA from Marymount College in 2008, my BA from Loyola Marymount University in 2010, and, after a two-year hiatus, I am returning to LMU to receive my MA (class of 2014). I literally jumped up and down and had tears in my eyes when I received my acceptance letter. It wasn't like I was afraid of not getting in, but I was really afraid of letting myself down.

When I told everyone I was taking a break from school in 2010, many people tried to discourage me. “When people take a break, they end up never going back.” “Would you feel more accomplished if you just finished it right away? To have your Master's at age 22 is more of an accomplishment than at 24.” What they don't realize is that I went to school consecutively for 16 years. Not many people can say that they skipped two grades, got their high school diploma at 16, AA at 18, and BA at 20 years old. I'm fucking tired.

It wasn't like I goofed off the two years I was off. During my two years off, I explored all of my interests. Though, I did do a brief stint as a secretary, which solidified my decision to never, ever work a 9-5 again. Lol. I created PBK (which I love); I ran a daycare (which confirmed my choice not to work with babies and elementary-aged kids); I traveled; I received my substitute teacher's permit; I received my bartending certificate. I discovered my passions—writing, bartending, teaching—which I plan on fully developing.

First stop was PBK. Second stop is graduate school. Next stop, PBK Bartending. I'm proud of myself. What are you proud of?


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