06 August 2012

[Poetry] If These Walls Could Talk...

My life, your entertainment
Or so is thought
Everything I do is part of a carefully calculated hoax
Artificially placed props provide the scenery for the plot
Inside, a scream is muted
Inside, I die
With every analytical blink of your eye, I die

If these walls could talk
They'd tell tall tales of unspoken truths
Long-sleeved lies about the happenings in private lives would come to light
Self-imposed sins would surface
Myths started to protect the guilty would be debunked behind loose lips
Scandal and surprise would shock
If only these walls could talk

What comprises of the good life? This entertainment of yours?
Lavish lies of the so-called rich and infamous
Foolish educations paid for by Uncle Sam
Who wants his payback in the confines of a dark bedroom
Or behind his wife's back
Modest lifestyles funded by taxpayer money
All for the sake of entertainment purposes

Children, do not try this at home

Hidden are the behind-the-scene footage
Heroin tracks covered by ink sleeves
Sunglasses and spa trips to front the stress and drug binges
Mental battle scars of defeat covered by Mac and Botox syringes
At age twentysomething

What do you want me to say?
I am a fool for you
The lies build, bubble and erupt under drinks and drugs like dormant volcanoes

Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum
My four musketeers
Knights in shiny shot glasses and flasks
Sobriety is weakness
I don't want to be sober or saved

Reality is blasphemy
Delusion is my religion of choice

Walking with tunnel vision straight into the pits of hell
No one even notices
But if these walls could could talk...


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