27 July 2012

Practice Makes Perfect: Sex Does Matter... A Lot

Sunday night was the premiere of “Virgin Diaries” on TLC. After seeing the commercials for the show, I felt like I had to see for myself how this would play out. One of the people featured was a 30-something year old guy who was engaged to a 29-year-old woman. He was a virgin and she wasn't.  

Their wedding night would be the first time he's ever seen a woman naked. His wife was, in her words, “very experienced.” Upon learning that he was a virgin, the bride's friends and family were shown giving him words of “encouragement” and advice. Awkwardly, the bride's mother was shown multiple times joking about how her daughter would “rock his world” and whatnot. Pretty much, all of the bride's friends and family made it seem like being a virgin was weird and otherworldly.

(This awkward ass first kiss attracted me to at least watch the premiere episode. Lmao)

After watching the show feature extremely introverted and socially awkward middle-aged virgins, I wondered what was so fascinating about virgins. Simply having their featured on a show is making a spectacle of them. While it's rare, it's not a hard concept to grasp. Some people just never wanted to actually do it, whether it was lack of opportunities, fear of the pain associated with it (as a woman), fear of not being good at it, religious purposes, or whatever other reasons. However, I do wonder how it feels to make a lifetime commitment to someone without knowing if you guys are sexually compatible.

Megan Good and her husband never had sex before getting married, and I hope it works out for them. However, me? Nope. If I decide to spend my life with you, sexual compatibility matters. While I'm sure that over time couples can learn each others' likes and dislikes, I want to make sure we are well-prepared and vibing perfectly by the time our wedding night arrives. I don't want to spend my wedding night being a tour guide.

I have nothing against virgins. I was one once upon a time. Lol. But marrying one? I can't do it.

Do you agree or disagree?


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