16 July 2012

But What About Your Own Citizens?

Sometimes, I really hate watching television. In a week, I only watch about 6 shows (Big Bang Theory, Secret Life, Friends, Seinfeld, Cupcake Wars and Chopped). Between reality shows and the “Save A Child”/“Save an Animal” commercials, it's so depressing. However, between them both, I think the sponsor a child commercials are the worst.

First and foremost, let me get this out there: I AM NOT AGAINST ANY OF THE SAVE-THE-CHILDREN/ANIMAL PROGRAMS. I am against the celebrities that tell others to sponsor a child. I, along with other hard-working people, have to work hard to even make $50K per year (in addition to paying off that bitch, Sallie Mae). The same person getting paid $20K to appear in a club is on my television telling me to offer up $0.50 per day to sponsor a child. Bitch, what?

Starving children with puppy-dog eyes are sad, yes, but you're standing right next to them in a suit that probably cost more than my salary, begging me to offer up my coins. How does that make sense? Then, the save-the-animal commercials... Smh. They constantly show these sad puppies and kittens asking people to sponsor or adopt them. Um. No. I like animals just as much as the next person, but what about the homeless people?

I hate living in a world where animals are treated better than some human beings. I'm not trying to get all political and whatnot, but I don't understand how not only celebrities, but our own government cares more about animals and people in other countries than their own citizens. What about those with mental health disabilities? What about those whose Social Security benefits get decreased because of various budget cuts? Yet, we're asked to sponsor children overseas. Something just doesn't sound quite right.

What do you think?
♥ P.

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