20 June 2012

Sex Shaming is Unnatural

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According to the dictionary, a “nymphomaniac” is defined as “a woman affected with excessive sexual desire.” The masculine equivalent of a nymphomania is “satyriasis,” which is defined as “excessive, often uncontrollable sexual desire in and behavior by a man.” Satyriasis labels the man's desire as “uncontrollable,” which makes it seem that men are the victims; they're suffering from a disease. In women, they get a label just for having a heightened desire for sex. What the hell? Sex is fun. Having amazing orgasms are fun. I'm a nympho for “excessively” liking something that makes me feel good?

I hate standing in grocery store lines and seeing magazines like Cosmo exclaiming, “Find What Makes Him Moan!”o How can a magazine for women aim towards instructing women how to please men? I mean, yes, we want to be good in bed and whatnot, but how about what makes me moan? I want to have fun. I like to have orgasms, and orgasms are fun (if done properly).

Conservatives and those against same-sex marriage like to argue that sex is for married couples and procreation, and anything other than that is wrong. I read on a bumper sticker somewhere, “I Fuck to Come, Not to Procreate.” Exactly! I don't want to be like the Duggars. I want to nut. Having an orgasm strengthens pelvic strength, relieves stress, helps me sleep better, calms junk food cravings, burns calories and just feels damn good! I deserve to have a strong pelvis, be stress-free, sleep better, not have junk food cravings, burn unwanted calories and feel good, don't I?

It's a good thing that I could care less about those who think that a woman is a ho/slut if she enjoys sex. Just because a woman likes to partake in sexual activity, it doesn't mean that she lacks morals. If she's having unprotected, indiscriminate sex with every Tom, Dick and George, then say what you want, but otherwise sex is something to be celebrated.

Do you agree?


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