23 July 2012

How Much Does Your Love Pocket Cost?

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Some women are truly misguided. I hate the saying “If you have a vagina, there should be no reason why you are broke.” How does that correlate? What's between your legs shouldn't decide how much money is in your bank account. (Yes, I know all about the glass ceiling, but we're not talking about that aspect right now). I'm talking about women sincerely believing that if they are fucking and sucking some dude, that she should be set financially. Bitch, boo, bye. That's not how it works.

Whoever I am fucking, sucking and catering to sexually, is not in charge of any other aspect of my life besides what is going down in my bedroom (or other places in my house). He is my sex slave. I refuse to give him more power over life than necessary, especially in order of finances. Financially, I have me.

I have been in the same relationship for the past 5½ years, and we share financial responsibility over our household. While we have the type of relationship where I CAN ask him for help financially if I NEED to, but is it his obligation to fill my gas tank or make sure I can spend until my heart's content at the mall? Nope. All he has to do is make sure we have groceries, our utilities are paid and that our rent check clears on the 3rd of each month. We share responsibility over our household (and our cat). While our relationship is laid out like this because we live together, other relationships are not the same.

If you are opening up your legs, mouth and other orifices for some dude, then you made that choice to do so. Does he have to get you to work and make sure your wallet is heavier than usual? No, he just has to make sure that you nut multiple times. If you require some sort of monetary payment for the services of your love pocket, then you, dear, are a prostitute. Anything out of fucking you and possibly feeding you, that is YOUR job. If he wants to be Captain Save a Broke Hoe, that's fine, but there are plenty more horny broke chicks in the world who will give it up without a down payment. Getting your sexual needs taken care of shouldn't be attached to how much you're willing to spend (unless you're dialing a 1-900-number).

I'm not saying that women should be messing with guys who are completely destitute and can only offer good dick, but they should not expect a guy to take care of them based only on the fact that they are giving him sex also. You exit the same way you came into the relationship, especially if you guys aren't even married.

Do you agree?

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