22 May 2012

Take a Seat and a Big Bite of Humble Pie

Hello, boys and girls. Today's word of the day is humility. Humility: “The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.”

Humility is not the same as having low self-esteem because I am a firm believer in not dimming one's own light to pacify someone's ego. HOWEVER, you should definitely know when and where to act an ass. For example, being proud that you graduated college is perfectly fine. Thinking that you are better than someone who did not crosses into the no-fly zone, especially if you aren't even doing shit with said degree, or if that degree is in something useless such as Disney history.

I was asked if I consider myself smarter or better than someone who did not attend or graduate college. In all honesty, no. I know some very intelligent and talented people who have never set foot on a college campus. My parents did not graduate college. I would never believe that I am better than someone of a “lower” education level than me because my degree isn't shit. It's simply a piece of paper stating that I paid $3K per year to attend school for four years. Though I can be an editor without the degree, I am proud to have my degrees because I proved to myself that I can actually achieve something despite having negative circumstances against me. With a dad in jail and a mother who is constantly busy, no one expected me to finish high school or college without getting pregnant. When you exceed other people's expectations by a million, it will induce a little cockiness.

My biggest flaw, and I am not ashamed to say it, is correcting people, which is the main reason why I am a copy editor. (Correcting people is #14 on the StuffEducatedBlackPeopleLike.org) **puts head down in shame** I am very aware that some people think that I am a bitch for correcting them, but it's what I do. In no way am I trying to come off as a know-it-all or a pompous self-righteous bitch, and it may seem that way, but I am working on it. God is still working on me, lol.

Anyway... I am aware that I traveled around the point, kicked it, hid it, and abandoned it, but I'm back to it. Humility makes you a much more likeable person. While you may be thinking that you don't desire to be liked, it helps a lot in your journey through life. 

Stay humble, my friends

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