31 May 2012

Me Before Us

I don't understand clingy, dependent people. When I say clingy and dependent, I am referring to people who feel like they must be in a relationship; those whose month-long relationship means more to them than their own life. While I understand that relationships must be cherished and all that other good shit, “us” should never come before “me.” In the end, “me” is the only one who has my best interests at heart.

I know someone who is clinging to their relationship so tight that it makes my skinny jeans jealous. Mind you, I said “relationship”—not marriage. It's like she refuses to live her life until her boyfriend lives his first. As his career is taking off, she has not even started hers, though she began working on hers long before they met. She's stagnant. If he is not calling a time-out to figure out what the fuck she plans on doing with her life, there's definitely something wrong with this picture. Your spouse should expect you guys to be on the same page, mentally and emotionally.

And when he get on, he'll leave yo ass for a white girl.” -Kanye

Lol. While I doubt that she's biding her time for him to get big so she can leech off of him, or that he'll leave her once he becomes he's reached success, I would hope that she finds some type of way to motivate herself to achieve her goals. There is nothing stopping her. She just needs to take the focus off of them and place it onto her goals. How else does she expect her relationship to work in the future if they aren't equally yoked? I know plenty of guys who enjoy feeling “masculine” and having their girlfriends depend on them, but, as an independent person's point of view, their situation looks bad. It looks like she just took a backseat to something that hasn't been determined to be permanent yet. Never enter a relationship with only half of your shit together. Honestly, if I had to decide between being successful and being in a relationship with a successful person, I'm going to choose me. Would you?


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