04 May 2012

I Blame the Parents

I want to punch stupid parents. I really hate the direction our children are going in right now. As an after school tutor (for one of my many jobs), I currently have a class of 20 sixth graders. This morning I made the terrible mistake of going through their grades and missing assignments. Mind you, I'm able to access their grades and missing assignments through the exact same portal as their parents. There are some students who had more than 3 F's (out of 6 classes) and more than 10 missing assignments—usually the same students whose parents pick them up early to go home. Why aren't they checking if their homework is complete, turned in and graded? How are schools allowing 11 year olds to flunk middle school English, but turning a blind eye to it as they gaily skip across the graduation stage? WTF?

If this is just one small microscopic subsection of California, then what the hell is occurring in the rest of the world?? I blame so many people, but parents especially. What type of parents are relying solely on teachers, students and tutors to make sure that their children are succeeding in school? Teachers can only do so much. Students are only going to do what they can get away with doing. And us tutors can only do so much in the short amount of time before the parents come scoop their students up to take them to buy their next undeserved iPad and $800 cell phone.

I plan on being a teacher because I want to help children reach their full potential. However, it's difficult when parents don't take the time out to verify that their child's work is done before rushing out to stand in a Black Friday line so their child can get the iPhone 8GS and brag about it to their friends. Instead of occupying a Best Buy line, encourage your children to occupy a damn classroom. How the fuck is your 11-year-old flunking out of 6th grade?! Your child's 1.3 GPA is being held up by the strength of a P.E. and an Art class.

Allowing your child to receive lower than a “C” average in grade school, to me, is a form of child abuse. You are neglecting them and reducing their chances of succeeding in life. You're substituting proper care and attention for unmerited gifts and costly fuckery. Save that money and buy yourself a clue. If anything, reward them for actually achieving something other than proving that there is a GPA lower than 1.0!

Just my little bit of 2¢.

♥ Phoenix

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