07 April 2012

Think Like You, Act Like You

Steve Harvey has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth lately; most recently, with the release of his movie, “Think Like a Man.” I have been wanting to karate chop him in the throat ever since he wrote the book for it last year. I will admit, I have not read the book. The title of the book/movie is the biggest turn off for me.

First of all, when and why did this comedian/actor/radio show host decide to add “relationship expert” to his resume? Did he just wake up one day and decide that after his first failed marriage and quick subsequent marriage, he was the guru that would solve all relationship problems in the world? Inquiring minds (or just mine) would like to know. Steve Harvey's brilliant advice to women is *drum roll please* think like a man. *Insert slow blink here* But, Steve, if I thought like a man, wouldn't I be a liar? I'd be trying to be something/someone I'm not.

Photo Credit: MyLeftNutmeg.com

Secondly, since when has the thoughts of men been the end-all be-all in society? After all, Hitler thought it would be a great idea to commit genocide. George W. Bush thought “No Child Left Behind” would prevent further illiterate children from being produced by the public school system. Currently, law makers (also, men) are thinking it is okay to regulate a woman's reproductive health. If it were up to some men, I'd be a married, uneducated, barefoot baby-making machine with no rights. I'd rather not. And since Steve did not specify what type of man I should think like, I suppose any one should do since they are all always correct, right? Wrong.

Had the book been called, “What Men Think about Relationships,” I would not have an issue because it would actually coincide with the book's summary. On Amazon, the book is described as giving women more of an insight into the minds of men. If so, then why is it portrayed and titled as a self-help book for women? It seems like Steve is attempting to engage in a gender battle, which I think is ridiculous. There are too many people in the world to separate by gender and point out characteristics of each. We are ALL UNIQUE beings. Steve seems to think that all of the members of each gender think alike, which is insulting. All men do not think the same. All women do not think the same, which brings me to my next question: "How the fuck are 'ladies' supposed to act, Steve?" There is not a manual. Fuck being "lady-like." Whatever that even means.

Photo Credit: BeyondJane.com
Encouraging women to think like men promotes the already-ridiculous spread of misogyny by insinuating that a woman is incapable of thinking on her own, and must adopt the thinking of the opposite sex in order to be successful in different aspects of her life. Little did I know, a man's thinking is superior to a woman's. Unfortunately, like Drake's “YOLO,” Harvey re-popularized the term and brainwashed plenty of women into believing that thinking like a man was going to make their lives different. No, no and fucking no. Be yourself. Think like yourself. Dammit.

Just my 2¢.


  1. It's interesting how you chose to write a post on a book you haven't read. A summary of the book, read on Amazon, can't substitute for the contents in the book. If you watch his interviews of when the book first came out, you'll see that he never claims to be a "relationship expert". Steve only claims that he himself is a man, which is true (biologically). Steve is a man, he was raised by a man and most of his friends are men...therefore, it seems he would have some insight into how a man thinks. You can't judge a book by it's cover, especially when you have no knowledge of what's in the book.
    You definitely come across as a woman who knows everything, except for her own ignorance. I don't think it will kill you to read the book. Push your pride aside and take a crack at reading it...you may pick upp some useful information.

  2. So you're saying that because he is the owner of a penis that he has the right to tell women to think like men? So, going along with this line of thinking, I have a right to tell men to think like women just because I was born with a vagina? If every man wrote a book proclaiming that women aren't smart enough to think for themselves, I should read them all? No. Hell, I won't even read a book written by a woman discussing the same topic. I'm not going to read a book on microbiology if I'm not interested in the subject. So I'm not judging a book by its cover, I'm judging it by my level of interest. I'm not interested in a comedian telling me to think like a man. Point blank period.