14 March 2012

What's Your Number?

I finally got the chance to watch “What’s Your Number?” over the weekend. In the movie, Anna Faris’s character, Ally reads that the average woman sleeps with 10.5 men in her life. Ally has had 19. Afraid of hitting 20 and being “damaged goods,” she goes on a mission to track down all of her sexual partners to see if she should actually be with them. Eventually, she finds a new guy who doesn’t care about her count and I guess they live happily ever after. I’m not exactly sure of the accuracy of that statistic, but, according to MSNBC, only 9% of women have had more than 15 sexual partners.I’m curious. Does going over 10.5 partners make a woman a whore, and going significantly below that number make someone a prude? Does your sexual number affect your chances of getting “chose”? 

My answers are “no” and “no.” Your sexual count is just a number. The person that number is attached to makes the most difference. I could care less who has been between your legs if you made that decision. As long as it was a comfortable, consensual affair, do the damn thing. However, you would definitely get an extreme side-eye from me if a couple of those numbers occurred simultaneously. Threesome? Sure. A train? -___________________-

But what about your spouse? As a female, I don’t exactly care how many women my guy has had before me. During? That’s a different story (word to Kobe). Lol. Quantity tells me nothing because it only takes one, anyway, to pass on “the gift.” You know? I just need to know that we are in a monogamous, STD-free relationship.

I will admit, though. In the past, I have asked guys what their count was. Some actually told me (hopefully, the truth) and some actually asked me why I wanted to know. There was actually no real reason for me to know. Would that number tell me anything else about them that I wouldn’t have known before? Nope. Asking for common knowledge is perfectly okay, but do I need to know? Nope. Accept all of the box offerings you want, but verify that it’s clear of STDs and open wounds. I don’t need to know how many times you smanged anyone, nor do I need a name attached to each vagina. It’s none of my business. I’m not being ignorant, but is knowing an overall count going to stop me from having sex with you if I want to? No. There are more important questions that need to be asked.

Do you need/want to know how many people your spouse has smanged? Why or why not?


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