13 March 2012

[Poetry] Carnal Desires

Eve craves another bite.
Natural desire gives her permission,
But morality says otherwise.
An accomplice, her Adam, has already drunk from the flows of Eve’s labial fountains.
Explored gardens of fertility,
But not entered.
She fantasizes about penetration.
Seduced by infatuation, she straddles the fences
Between loyalty and animalistic polygamy.
The accomplice knows she is in heat.
Not giving into her poutiness, he ignores her subtlety,
Awaiting the moment of near-explosion to his advantage.
She can remain chaste if he continues this chase.
Sexual yearning overwhelms and blurs judgment and ability to decide.
Frustration sets in,
Yet she grips chastity firmly with slick fingertips.
Meanwhile, she employs herself for the job,
Clumsily sending clitoral nerve impulses into overdrive with persistence and immediacy.
Like a child with a new toy, she discovers new functions with each twitch.
Eventually, the accomplice tires, but her own claws do not.
Manipulating orgasms with each fiddle of her fingers, she finds love.


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