05 March 2012

Brand New? B*tch, I Might Be

This weekend, I went to a friend of mine’s birthday shindig. It was at my former job at The Shack. What’s an event without a certain level of drama? Lol. When I worked at the Shack, I used to always talk to this girl. We’ll call her “T.” We were kind of close. She would try to give me advice, and get mad when I chose not to take it. (I never asked for the advice). Anyway, we kinda fell off towards the last few months of me working there. Anyway, when I walked in on Saturday, I said a little “hi,” and kept it pushing. She murmured something and gave me this dirty look. Who cares? I wasn’t there for her. The entire night, I said nothing to her. I had my drinks and hung out with other partygoers while she was elsewhere in the bar. 

At around 11pm, I was tipsy and was heading out. I didn’t have a designated driver and I had to go to Long Beach. As I was making my rounds of goodbyes, she tells me, “Oh, when Phoenix comes, she acts all brand new.” Words were exchanged. I finished my goodbyes and went about my merry little way.

Last time she saw me, I was a complaining ass college graduate who had no idea what to do with a degree in English. Fast forward to Saturday, I looked bomb (tooting my own horn? Yes, I am) and was quite a few steps closer to my goals. Do I have a right to act brand new? Bitch, yes. I am a firm believer that your mentality determines your destiny. I’m not going to walk around looking all mad at the world because my life isn’t going how I want. Little did she know, I had $4 in my account that night. Did it show? Hell no. When I act like I’m the shit, guess what, I am THEE shit. I’m not a cashier anymore taking orders, but even if I was, I’d know that I’m working towards a goal. Don’t ever try to guilt me into dimming my light because yours isn’t going according to your plan. As I’ve said before, step your game up if you’re mad at mine shining brightly.  Some people only like you around when they're doing better than you so they can act superior.

I’m not “brand new” because you look old and raggedy. I'm brand new because I've moved on to bigger better things in my life. So if you want to call it “fake,” “brand new” or “bougie,” well, bitch, I might be. 


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