10 February 2012

Be Your Own Valentine

I went to church a couple weeks ago. The message was about people settling so easily with people out of fear of being alone. For some reason, I thought this topic would coincide somewhat perfectly with Valentine's Day approaching.

Before my dad went away, he used to call me on Valentine's Day to wish me a Happy V-Day. If neither of us were busy, he'd take my mother and me out to dinner despite them not being together. It was our unofficial family day. If we couldn't get together on Valentine's Day, my mom would take me out, then my dad would take me to a movie before or after the actual day. Don't be fooled. My dad didn't limit his daddy duties to just Valentine's Day, but throughout the year. For this reason, I believe that I never allow myself to settle.

I've broken up with guys for the smallest reasons. From disliking their clothing and food choices to not studying hard enough for tests, I didn't discriminate. My parents always make sure that I had almost everything I ever wanted so I wouldn't feel like I needed to depend on a man for anything.

As I see so many bitter people on social networks, I think “Did your parents not teach you to be self-reliant and independent?” If I was not with my s/o, I would still celebrate Valentine's Day, either with my mom, my friends or by my damn self. Why have a pity party or slander “niggas/bitches” on social networks because I'm not ½ of someone's duo? 

If you are a parent, buy your daughter some flowers and be her Valentine. It'll save her (and you) lots of emotional issues in the future. If you don't have a Valentine, be your own Valentine. Treat yourself to some lingerie and/or perfume/cologne, and be sexy by yourself. You are your best Valentine.

♥ P.

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