25 February 2012

Be a Prioritized Pot Head

I don’t smoke weed. I tried it once in college. I hated the feeling. Alcohol is my poison of choice. Seeing that Mary Jane is everyone’s bitch nowadays, I don’t knock those who smoke weed. People have been smoking marijuana for years. Why my generation is now acting like it is the newest fad, I have no idea. Every day, I see people on Facebook and Twitter bragging about having “sessions” and rolling blunts/getting faded/floating on cloud 9. Honestly, in my opinion (I could be wrong), but true weed heads don’t go on social networks and brag about being high.

What is the point of that? This is a real question. Does everyone have to know that you’re high as a kite? Must you brag about out-smoking Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg? What prize will you receive if you win this supposed competition (that I’m sure Wiz and Snoop don’t even know about)? Not a damn thing.
The bragging isn’t even what infuriates me. It’s the people. Are your bills paid? Do you have steady income? Your own place? A reliable means of transportation? Goals? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, why are you smoking so much damn weed? Doesn’t weed cost money? Are your priorities in order? Or are you under your parents’ roof, collecting EBT, hoping your cousin’s baby’s daddy’s aunt’s sister’s boyfriend is going to hook you up with a job fixing cars?

Mind you, I’m not tripping of people smoking weed. Whatever floats your boat. HOWEVER, if you are lacking in your wallet, but miraculously find money to purchase a “dub,” maybe you should NOT be getting any type of elevation. If your gas light is on, but your blunt is full, your priorities suck. If you have a child, maybe you should invest their future instead of the pockets of your hood pharmacist. Get mad if you want, but I’m just stating the obvious. You don’t need a full blunt if your pockets aren’t even looking halfway decent. If your bills are paid, and you are financially independent, disregard this entire blog post. If you know someone who fits the description of this post, pass it on. Pun intended. Lol. 


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