19 January 2012

This is NOT How Black People Meet

You may remember my past blog post expressing my extreme disgust and annoyance with the term “black love.” If not, click here to get refreshed. Okay. Got it? Good. Well, I don't think the black universe took too kindly with that. Now, it's come back to smite me via these damn BlackPeopleMeet.com commercials. I absolutely HATE these commercials and I see them so much. I don't even turn on my television unless a Laker game, Glee or The Game is on, which limits my television time to mainly on Tuesdays. Enough about my television viewing habits. Why, oh why, do we need a website designed specifically for black people to fall into black love and have black babies who will be featured all over Black Entertainment Televison?? Oh yeah, because black people aren't the type of people that meet in grocery stores, Starbucks, the mall, or any other normal place. As insisted in the commercials, “this is how black people meet.” Online? Oh, really? We'd rather stalk the fuck out of you on this website and fall madly in black love with you, rather than accidentally bump shopping carts at the neighborhood Fresh & Easy? Oh, ok. 

You know what... Get the entire fuck out of here, BPM. Let's not mistake my annoyance for self-hatred. I love being black, but why must the creators of BPM act like black people are these magical avatar-like creatures that don't do anything the same as white people. You don't see eHarmony proclaiming that that is how ONLY white people meet. Hell, if I had never seen an eHarmony commercial, I'd think they were advertising some type of yoga or holistic service. BPM just decided to bypass all subtlety and hang the damn “Blacks Only” sign on the media fountain. Just rude. Had it been the other way around? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and every other black acronym would have been on my television screen. 

And don't get me started on EBT. I mean, BET. No. Just...no.

I swear, sometimes I think black people are some of the most racist people. First, we fight for desegregation. Then when we finally get it, we want to separate ourselves from everyone with our self-righteous asses promoting black love, black this, black that. Pick one.Do you want to be integrated into society or not? Sheesh! WWMLKD?

Your thoughts?

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