15 January 2012

Profound Profanity

“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” -Mark Twain

No one knows this, but I have a potty mouth. Well, not really. I work with children almost 12 hours daily so I don't really get the change to indulge myself in such colorful language. However, I curse a lot in my head, which is interesting because in my classroom of 6th graders, one of my biggest rules is “no profanity.” Lol. In my defense, middle school students shouldn't curse anyway, right?

When you get into the “adult” world, some people still maintain that mindset. They say that cursing is “unladylike” or that foul language is one of the “tools of the uneducated.” Since tattoos are similarly viewed, and I have 7 of them, my opinion really doesn't matter anyway. Lol.  

I like to use profanity when I want to add a particular emphasis to an emotion without using a “scholarly” or “intelligent” word. Of all of the many big words in the dictionary, sometimes a four-letter one describes exactly what I'm feeling. I also like to use profane words to gauge a certain reaction or emotion from someone. For some people, the use of profanity can rile them up so much, and being the sick-minded person I am, I find it quite entertaining. For example, in an argument, saying “I really don't care” probably won't get the same reaction as “Quite frankly, I could give a flying fuck.” Funny how that works, huh?

One of my favorite curse words is “fuck.” I don't use it as often as I would like, but I still love it nonetheless. I absolutely love it and its various forms because it encapsulates and emphasizes almost every emotion possible. Check it:

Anger: “Fuck you!”
Happy: “It's a wonderful fucking day!"
Surprise: “What the fuck?”
Passion: “Oh, fuck!”
Depressed: “Ugh. Fuck my life.”
Apologetic: “Oops. I fucked up.”

The word “fuck” is so colorful and multi-faceted.

What is your favorite curse word?
♥ Phoenix

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