22 December 2011

Merry Christmas and All That Good Sh*t

Christmas is approaching! In three days, it'll be here! But as much as I love Christmas, I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I used to be when I was younger. In fact, I was more excited in November about it than I am now. When I was younger, I used to wake up every single person in my family at 5am at the latest to wish them a Merry Christmas. After a while, my family members started turning off their ringers (yes, back then, we had house phones). Lol. I was bad. To top it all off, after I called everyone, I went back to sleep. It was just the fact that Christmas was here and I had so much anticipation inside of me that I had to release it somehow. Calling everyone seemed like the good thing to do at the time. Lol.

Starting last year, I began to slowly drift away from the anticipation of Christmas. Let's ignore the fact that I was 20 years old when I finally got this epiphany, but at least it happened. I began to just see Christmas as another day. I mean, it's still a holiday and all, but, hell, I want to sleep. Christmas will still be here when I wake up. Just give me an extra six hours to prepare myself for the hoopla. The good thing about it, for me, is that there are no more young children in my family so I better not get a 5am phone call on Christmas morning. This year, I spent entirely too much money on my family, but they are well worth it. Since I don't want anything for Christmas, the least they can do is let me sleep. Lol.

Anyway, my original point of this blog post is to ask a question. At what age does Christmas transform from  to -______-? I was 20, but I've noticed that, for some, Christmas is still filled with excitement and jubilation at the age of 45. Are you giddy with glee for Christmas on Sunday or are you just looking forward to the basketball games and food? Whatever reason for your excitement (or lack thereof), have a safe, fun holiday season from PBK :) !

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the other good shit....
♥ Phoenix

P.S. Go Lakers :)

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