28 December 2011

Hey, You, STFU.

Women, you are beautiful and unique in various ways. Why in the hell are you listening to some of these ignorant ass coonish black men on social networks and beyond? Someone once tweeted, “Y'all let black men talk this shit when most of them can't get through life without dropping out of high school or going to jail?” Another person questioned the men, “Why do y'all feel the need to give so much advice to women? We have 2 degrees for every 1 man in prison. Handle your fucking own.” While I'm not sure of the accuracy of that statistic, I agree, handle your own. I'm not against all men. I have met some wonderful, caring men who do wish for the best for African-American women without blatantly telling them to change this, that and the other. For the rest of you, shut the fuck up.

These are the type of men who always want to give women advice—wrong advice—when they are damn-near facing extinction as it is. And do you know who I blame? I blame Steve Harvey. How can he go from a comedian to an actor to a radio show host to a therapist/psychologist/relationship specialist? Maybe he should worry about his own home. Just because you can switch out wives a la “Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire” without missing a beat, it does not mean you *know* women. Steve Harvey, shut up.  

Don't get me wrong. I love hearing/reading relationship + love articles from a male's perspective, but don't just pull sh*t out of your ass to make it fit. Do you have any stats to back up your claim? Don't tell me I need to perform fellatio in a mall bathroom every other day to be able to keep a man. Fuck you and everything you stand for. Not all women are the same, just as all men aren't the same. So the requirements for keeping your attention in a relationship may or may not be the same for someone else. Stay in your own lane and keep your nonsensical preferences to yourself. If you want a woman who will work 9am-5pm, 6pm-10pm, then cook and clean for you, that's your preference. Not all men want that.

I've been in the same relationship for 5 years without having to turn into a sex-crazed, do it in every inch of the park type of nympho. I'm not changing myself to “keep” or “get” a man. Either he wants to be here or he does not. No pressure. Black men, work on yourself first before you start telling women what they need to start changing to attract a certain type of men. When you work on yourself, you will attract the type of woman you want. The same goes for everyone else. So, like I've said before, shut the fuck up.

Thank you kindly,

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