21 November 2011

[Poetry] Heartache

I have never believed in love at first sight.
But fate allowed us a second chance encounter.
I do not believe in fate.
But how else can I explain?
We met.
Unfortunate situation.
The setting: crowded place.
Time? Unsure, but we definitely met.
I am sure.
I never forget.

77 degree sweater weather.
Fall, I believe.
Awkward silences and hysterical outbursts.
Our conversation: staccato.
Shifty eyes.
You intimidated me.
Enabled me into your world, accidentally.
Manipulated my heart into something deeper than face-valued dialogue.
The doppelganger is a mirage.
But we met.
This, I am sure.
Maybe you forgot.
But I did not.
Your flaws transparent in the fluorescent moonlight, but
Your flavor impregnated my creativity.
I dug you.
I knew nothing about you,
But I still dug you.

The way the mirror glared on your imperfections
Moistened my panty lining.
Something about this chance meeting changed my life.
If only you would remember.


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