10 October 2011

It's Just Reality

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the phrase “It's just Twitter.” What does that even mean?? I was unaware that Twitter was just a magical world in which hateful words don't transcend into reality. So, these people who say “It's just Twitter,” are saying that it isn't really them typing their tweets? It's the Twitter version of them, also not a real person? Can someone please help me to understand.

What's funny is that those who use those fateful words claim that everyone is just hyper-sensitive about everything. So I can just tweet, “The abundance of gays in San Francisco are the cause of the economy's current state,” and not expect to receive any backlash because, after all, it's just Twitter. That's what you're saying? You sound ri-damn-diculous. Whatever you tweet and throw into the virtual atmosphere can and will be used against you at any given moment. You are judged off EVERYTHING you tweet because, for others, your tweets = your thoughts. If you tweet it, you were thinking it, obviously.

“It's just Twitter” is the epitome of immaturity. Twitter is not reality for you because, what, you're a "bad ass" with a QWERTY keyboard? **in my Antoine Dodson voice** You are really dumb. You have the right to tweet whatever you want, but don't expect not to get judged based on it. One thing my boss has always told me, “Perception is everything.” It doesn't matter if you're doing good or bad, but it all depends on what it looks like from the outside looking in. You can't claim to be a college graduate with a 4.3 GPA, but tweet worse than a 1st grade drop-out. Then, when people call you out on it, you claim, “Well, it's just Twitter.” It doesn't work that way, hun.  

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