22 September 2011

What Color is Your Love?

It has come to my attention that certain members of the "black community" just wanna have every damn thing separate from everyone else in the world, but want to be treated like equals. Today's rant is inspired by this term called “black love.” 

I hate the term “black love.” I've always hated it. I read it on every g**damn black blog post that features an African-American couple. Can anyone define what makes love “black?” Is there also red, yellow or purple love? What makes “black” love so special? Is it any more real than interracial, Asian, Mexican or European love? Please fill me in so I, too, can rejoice in this unique experience. You know what? Just stop trying to get all highfalutin with this separation bullshit.   

I have heard numerous times from black people that they don't mind seeing interracial couples or whatever, but it's obvious that they DO mind. If you really didn't mind, you wouldn't be celebrating this so-called black love every gosh darn chance you get, and I wouldn't be writing this now. Will and Jada, Oprah and Stedman, Beyonce and Sean, Michelle and Barack ---> people who just so happened to fall into regular ass love just like other people have done. Giving love a category is just another way for black people to separate themselves from others. It's like, really guys? We can't just be part of the human race who loves all colors without differentiation? No? Ok.

Just like book stores (or what's left of them) separate “literature” from “African-American” literature, y'all are further dividing yourselves from the rest of the world. “Oh, white people can't say 'nigga,' but we can... And we shall.” I could care less who uses that word. Alec Baldwin can continue to say “Niggas in Paris.” Hell, he could say, “Me and my niggas are going to go chill poolside and watch some bitches sunbathe.” Why? Because I'm not a nigga nor am I a bitch. Sticks and stones, my friends. Sticks and stones. A word will never make or break me.

Anyway, back to the topic: black love. Stop acting like the Grinch that stole black families also made black men/women lust after their non-black counterparts. We can't help to whom we are attracted. They could be black, blue, purple, orange, yellow...etc. So even though love between black men and women is seen as “rare,” let's not forget that love, in itself, is a blessing. Find your own love, whatever color it may be, and sit your ass down somewhere and shut up. Sheesh!

Peace and Tie-Dye Love,


  1. My only argument is that "black love" may be rejoiced and differentiated simply because a majority of "black love" fails. Relationships between a black man and woman just seem to fail at a high percentage for whatever reason. Baby momma's and daddy's are heavily enriched in the black culture, so, whenever a couple actually make it work it is a bit refreshing to see. It's actually so bad that if things continue to go the way they're going the black race, solely, will be eliminated. Even the ones that complain about interracial dating are the ones that are angry because they can't find the "perfect" mate that they are looking for. Have they set the bar unrealistically high? More than likely. The problem with the back race is they need a tuneup and a reality check and until that day, things look bleak for "black love" and the black race in general.

  2. I totally agree with you also. I just feel like relationships, in general, fail quite often regardless of skin color. However, you do make a good point and explanation why some people may celebrate black love. Thanks for visiting and commenting!