30 September 2011

Being Single is a Sin

“B*tch, that's why you don't have a man/can't keep a man!” I've heard that as an “insult” so many times. Why are we so caught up with a female having a man that it's an insult if she doesn't? Yeah, we all want someone to feed us compliments and show us extra attention sometimes, but is being single really that bad? You have to be single and love yourself before you can even open your heart to let someone else in. It may sound cliché, but it's true. I spent a year single (and mingling) before I met my significant other and it really opened my eyes to what I don't want in a boyfriend.

When you're single, you have the option of “doing you,” aka being selfish without feeling guilty. Many people are in a one-sided relationship because their (in)significant other is already doing them and being selfish, but hurting the other member in the relationship. Being single is the right to be selfish without hurting someone else in the process of doing so.

Also, in listening to the radio and viewing some of these Twitter time lines, why would some females even want to be in a relationship with some of members of the male species nowadays? Many of the boys in my generation don't want to settle down. They wanna toot it, superman it, boot it and move the fk on. The theme of some of the 80s and 90s babies should be “Money, Sex, Weed,” because that's what a lot of them think is the purpose of life. However, there are some nice men out there who want to settle down though. But why is it a requirement for a female to have a man? Can't she just be single and be comfortable being her own beau for however long she chooses? 

No? Ok.
Just my 2¢.

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