05 August 2011

Your Child is Your Reflection

I am an administrative assistant and teacher at a daycare with mostly 1-5 year olds. While I deal mostly with the kids during the day, I have plenty of interaction with the parents at drop-off and pick-up times. Being the inquisitive/nosy person I am, I have observed the different patterns and rituals each parent has in dressing, dropping off, picking up, and acting towards their children). One of the main things I have noticed is that some parents regard their child as just a child, and some see them as reflections of them.

Although I’m not a parent, I am extremely bothered by parents who allow their child to walk out of the house in any way. I have seen some parents dress their children in mismatched clothes while they look like they’re about to be on the cover of Esquire or Marie Claire. Why?? Children, I believe, are a reflection of their parents. I understand if you don’t have the money to buy them the latest clothes, but at least make an effort in doing their hair and making them look presentable if you’re going to look nice.

I was raised by my mom and dad who both made sure I had a fresh supply of clothes for every occasion even if they didn’t because I represented them. If anything, I had the name brand stuff if they didn’t. In my opinion, parents should sacrifice their own desires for their children’s. Don’t leave the house looking like a million bucks and your child looks like 75₵. That’s just tacky. When adults see a child looking like little orphan Annie, usually they say things like, “What were their parents thinking?” “Did no one do that poor child’s hair?” “That’s triflin’ parenting at its finest.” Okay, maybe I lied about the last one, but you get the point.

I’ve heard excuses like: “They’re going to mess up their nice clothes anyway,” “They grow so fast and I don’t have money to keep spending,”…etc. None of that matters. They didn’t ask to be born. When you made the choice to have them, you made the decision to sacrifice certain things for them. Do your job as a parent and keep your kids up if you’re going to look nice. Kids will be kids, but let them look nice while being kids.


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