17 August 2011

Uncivilized, eh?

I love me some brown men with long hair. But, according to Nivea's recent ad, having long kinky hair and facial hair isn't “civilized.” In the ad (pictured below), a clean-shaven African-American man is attempting to throw the head of an African-American man with facial hair and long hair. The caption reads, “Re-civilize yourself.” If you know me, I'm not one to get touchy about things the “average” black person would get upset about (i.e. white people using the “n-word”). However, in looking at this ad, it does have some type of connotation that long hair and facial hair is uncivilized. I could see how this could have been mis-worded and doesn't have the meaning that we all believe it to have, but that's why they're professionals. Considering the “civilization” and colonialism blacks endured in the past, why would they use the term “re-civilize?” It just doesn't sit right with me.

As I said before, I love me some brown men with long hair. It doesn't mean they are “uncivilized.” I'm not saying don't groom yourself, but do what you feel regarding your looks. My s/o has long hair, but he keeps it twisted, which is a very neat hairstyle. While I wear my hair curly during the hotter months, I still enjoy a nice blow dry and press + flat iron. No one hairstyle is superior to another. Even recently, I've noticed there have been natural hair vs. straightened hair debates, which is almost comparable to the dark skin vs. light skin debate. Shut up, preference is subjective.

Anyway, this Nivea ad sucks. That is all.


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