04 August 2011

Every Little Thing That We Do...

…is between me, you, Facebook and Twitter. Stop telling everyone your relationship business. Then you have the nerve to wonder why your relationship isn’t going as good as you want. Shut the hell up and talk to your spouse about your grievances. Anything you say (or type) can and will be used against you in the virtual court of social networking.

Once you put it out into the virtual atmosphere, there are no take-backsies. Lol. Even if you delete it, people can and will remember. Ask Chris Brown.

We, the people of Facebook/Twitter, don’t need to know that your boyfriend/girlfriend “ain’t shit” or how they make you cum in 5 minutes in 50 different positions. If they aren’t shit, then break up. If y’all are just having a little spat, work that shit out. The intricate details of your sex life don’t need to be plastered all over the internet. We don’t care how mind-blowing, blood-boiling or toe-curling your sex is. When Twitter asks, “What’s on your mind?” there is not an absolute need to announce every damn thing on your mind in 140 characters or less. Keep some thoughts to yourself.


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