30 August 2011

Do We Hate to Love, or Love to Hate?

We are a generation of unhappy people. Nothing is ever good enough for us. What's worse about my own unhappiness is that I can pinpoint exactly where mine began, but that's a totally different story. I can't log onto a social network without seeing either two people arguing or someone complaining about something.  

When the news broke on Sunday about Beyonce's pregnancy, there were two main responses: joy or hate. Beyonce's news does not affect anyone besides the Knowles-Carter family, but almost everyone had something to say. Since I didn't watch the VMAs until West Coast time, I had already saw all of the love/hate tweets regarding it, so I refrained from making my own congratulatory comments. My main issue isn't with Bey & Jay at all, it's with people throwing salt about how she announced it, how they have ties to the Illuminati, or how Jay-Z and Kanye “should just come out of the closet already.” Oh my goodness! It's not your child that will be sliding out of Beyonce's cooter with 666 branded on his/her buttock so why are you worried about which “secret society” to which they belong? Geez.

The VMAs pretty much solidified my belief that many people feed off negativity. Do some people really sit around waiting for something new to come out so they can put their “Hated It” stamp on it? No matter how many times I've heard “I'm not with the drama and bullshit,” I have yet to be proven otherwise. Collectively, we like to bring others down. However, people must not mistake negativity for constructive criticism. Although I will admit that I have my moments where I'm in a funky ass mood & just want to be mean, most of the things on PBK are meant to be constructive criticism.

I'm not saying that people should change who they are, but try to be more positive. Speaking from a person who has been told on many occasions that she has an attitude problem, being positive goes a lot further than being a Debbie Downer.

Just my 2¢.

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