18 July 2011

[Poetry] Revolutionary Love

for Four years, i have waited
mingled with commoners
as my Mental stopwatch ticked and tocked
Terrorist thoughts swim like Blood cells
through the inner workings of my mind as a Cancerous tumor would

for Four years, my body has been prepared
the intricacies of every day life
    not a distraction
i have waited and watched
and Waited
and Watched
itching for timing and plan to Execute
all instruction rooting from “ Him ”
patience becoming Unbearable
sweat drips and drops
and Drips
and Drops
from paranoid fists

as One fist is raised Proudly,
explosions occur in Catastrophic ripples
the justice system never seen it coming

this Revolution will not be televised. Or announced via facebook. Or tweeted.
suicide mission.


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