17 July 2011

He's Black, But He Isn't Yours

Today I read a tweet that read something along the lines of “The only interracial couples I like are ones where the woman is black.” While I don't agree with this, I've realized that many black women think like this. A preference is a preference, but as much as we always fight for equality and respect, we cannot give it in return. As a frequent visitor of TheYBF.com, I have read so many comments (some from black women, some I am unsure) stating, “So-and-so only was attractive until he dated/married that 'snow bunny'” and “[after seeing an actor and a white woman] Well, no black woman wants his black ass anyway.” That sounds so damn bitter. Let (insert black actor here) date “Snow Bunny Becky” as he pleases then. Find you a nice white/Asian/Mexican/whatever man and move the hell on. Your approval was never necessary anyway. I wanna bet that those females who disagree with black men dating white women are the same ones constantly being dogged out by musty-mouth imbeciles and crying about “All men are dogs” and “Niggas ain't shit.” No, tramp. It's just that no man wants your whiny, bitter, low self-esteem-having ass. (Excuse me, this subject just hit a nerve).

Black women who think this way, to me, seem so ignorant. They praise Halle Berry for dating Gabriel Aubrey and Olivier Martinez, and Paula Patton for marrying Robin Thicke, but dislike Taye Diggs for marrying Indina Martinez and Lamar Odom for marrying Khloe Kardashian. I don't get it. Preference is preference. If you're attracted to someone, their ethnicity shouldn't be a factor. Stop limiting yourself. In the past, I've dated white, Asian, Samoan, Hispanic guys... but I've been hit on from all nationalities. Black women are beautiful to all races. I wouldn't turn down a nice guy because he isn't black, nor would I give someone a chance simply BECAUSE they aren't black. It's all about the attraction. I don't give a flying f**k whether Tiger Woods or Lamar Odom is dating a Kardashian or someone from Sweden. Why? Because I don't want them, nor have I ever wanted them. Them dating outside of their race is not my problem.

Another thing I don't get is why some black women argue that non-black women are “taking their men.” Unless your name is branded on every single black man, shut the hell up. He isn't yours. The only thing you guys have in common is your ethnicity. If you have nothing in common that has connected you to him, stop claiming every member of the black male species is yours. (And on another note: stop dogging out black men, then expecting them to come crawling back simply because you have a big ass and can cook. Nowadays, that's commonplace).

That's just my little 2¢. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this.


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