10 July 2011

Help Wanted

A few weeks ago, I read an article on KTLA on LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) restricting teachers from weighting homework more than 10% on a student's class grade. Parents were complaining that their kids were “overwhelmed” by homework and it was cutting into their extra-curricular activities. Really? Notice it was LAUSD. I'm not going to stereotype, but (from what I hear) there are a lot of minorities who go to school in the Los Angeles area. After all, it is quite a big city.

Firstly, LAUSD students aren't exactly known for their high test scores and academic achievement. Why should they not have great weight placed on their homework? Homework is a great way for students to get extra practice on the lesson or material they just learned. Practice makes perfect.

Secondly, I believe that parents are just being lazy. They don't want to help their children with their homework. They rely solely on teachers to teach their kids EVERY thing between 8am-3pm, and their children to just soak it up like a sponge like the lyrics of a Wocka Flocka song. They don't realize that children need to do more than sit in a classroom all day to learn. Then they have the nerve to rely on activities, rather than academics, to get their children into college.
Teachers use test scores and homework to generate grades and find out where their students are academically. If the students are bad test takers, and there isn't much homework, then the grades are low, which in turn makes teachers stay on a specific subject longer than expected. The curriculum will be affected in the long run.

The younger generations are already getting stupider, in my opinion. Lessen the presence and authority of teachers, place it in the hands of (some of) these stupid parents; the future generation is going to shit. College isn't for everyone, but it isn't exactly for nobody. At the daycare I run, I teach and tutor the older group of children. Why is it that the 6th graders don't know what the hell nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives are?? The kids I tutor are apart of LBUSD (Long Beach Unified School District), so imagine what some of the LAUSD are learning. Scary, ain't it?

I'm truly worried about our future. In a couple decades, will our president have a criminal record, a couple hoes and an ice cream tatted on his face, screaming “Young Mula, baby!!”?? *shudders* We need teachers... and passionate parents... and determined children.


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