27 June 2011

[Poetry] Phoenix's Song

With each new day, another orange feeble feather falls freely
Under the fluff exterior, a soul slowly withers to callous infancy
Beaten and scarred, this cycle desists all ingrained positivity
Threatened by her reputation of immortality,
Others rush to prove her prestige untruthful
Wounds only visible to the eye began their toll.

What were once adored centuries previous
Are now considered proud and downcast attributes
Acumen, disposition and diligence are sins
When they oppose popular belief
Each characteristic epitomizes in the Phoenix.

In her nest, she readies for inflammation
Match on ignition, she begins the suicide ritual

Red copper mountains of fire engulf her entirely,
Cremating her former self
Perishing amongst the coals of neglect, abuse and disbelief
Within the remaining white-hot embers,
Resurrection forms in the clouds of ash.

Like a baby's first cry,
The Phoenix opens her beak in declaration
Revealing golden mouth ornaments
Through which, she releases a song of praise
A worldwide act of silence commemorates the moment
The past has passed
A new cycle has commenced.

She breathes life anew


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