18 June 2011

One Big Room, Full Of...

Is that what we've come down to now? Bad bitches and stoners? I think we've become a generation of followers (no Twitter pun intended). Yeah, we have some trendsetters and some great do-gooders, but still, everyone is trying to be like them. It seems like no one has a mind of their own now. Just as everyone wants to be rappers and models, everyone wants to be just like the next person. Is popularity and fitting in that important?


You rap/model? “So do I.”

You have a kid? “So do I.”

You hate your baby mama/daddy? “So do I.”

You're struggling? “So am I.”

You smoke weed? “So do I.”

Our similarities are supposed to bring us together, not hinder us from success. When you go on a job interview, companies want to know what makes you unique from everyone else. You wouldn't walk in and tell them the many ways you fit in with the rest of the candidates. What the hell do you bring to the table?

Go outside your house. Look how many people are tweeting via bus stop. $500 phones with no job and no car. “Ooh! But I'm a struggling rapper who looks like Wiz Khalifa and has three kids with some ratchet who gives bomb head.”

Look at your followers and the people you follow, how many of them are smoking weed or half-naked in their avatars? Yet, they claim to be so different than @xO_TwitterTwat_Ox and @OGtheKushMan. O_o Get the fuck outta here! Everybody, meet Mr. Me Too. You're just as different as that bus that drove by 10 minutes ago.

Sidenote: Re: the title of this blog. The title is referring to that song by ol' girl, "Kreayshawn." Really? She just got signed, but real artists are struggling just to get shows. She just reinforced my reasoning for boycotting the radio and BET (*cough cough* EBT *cough cough*).


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