22 June 2011

Choosing Your Circle

“Do the five people you spend the most time with represent who you are and where you ultimately want to be?”
-Necole Bitchie

Good question. I'd say yes. As of late, I spend most of my time with my family, boyfriend, and best friend. Less than 5. Lol. Recently, I purged myself of old friends and nuisances that were not good for my spirit and growth. Here is my list of the five types of people you should quickly disassociate yourself with if you hope to excel and be all you can be:

1. Jealous Jesse: Any success you have, he/she will hate or try to downplay it. While they probably won't blatantly announce their unhappiness, but they won't exactly hide their counterfeit genuineness.

2. Dumb as a Doorknob Debbie: This person doesn't care to educate themselves or turn on the 10:00pm news. Their main concern is money, hoes and clothes. When the tornado comes (that they, of course, didn't know about), don't warn them. Let their dumb ass get swept up.

3. Posing Patrick: They want to be just like you, him and her. They want to play guitar like you, have girls like him and have a dope car like her. They never got the memo that individuality is in style now. Being friends with this type of person cramps your style because they want to be your double mint twin.

4. Confused Confucius: They can't decide on anything to do with their own life so they jump on any idea that someone else throws out. One second, they want to be a police officer. The next, a nurse. The next, a drummer. By the time they turn 30, they'll still be in their mother's house trying to be a rock 'n roll police officer.

5. Scared Suzy: They are too nervous to step out on faith and go for their dreams. They stay in the safe zone watching others succeed, but refuse to do anything on their own due to what others may think of them.

Each of these types of people are people I have had to get rid of because they either were trying to bring me down with them, or they hated seeing me succeed because they weren't. There are plenty of types of people to avoid when choosing friends and acquaintances. These are just the ones I've encountered. Any others you can think of?


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