27 May 2011

He Wants Me, But He Used To Be Yours

The other day, I dropped my sister off at school. While it was nice taking her to school, trying to escape the crowded black hole of a high school driveway never is exciting. During my struggle to drive amongst moseying globs of high school students on cell phones and whatnot, I ran into a friend of mine's father. My friend is like a sister to me so I sat in crowded traffic and chit chatted with him for a few seconds. He told me I looked “beautiful” and he was really happy to see me “blossom” into a gorgeous adult. Blah blah blah.
Throughout our entire friendship, I had never really felt comfortable just chillin' in the same room with her dad. But I'm never really comfortable in any room alone with an older man who isn't my dad or close uncle. (Could it be the portrayal of men in society? ← a whole different conversation). Anyway, my friend's father is married... Newly married at that (new as in 6 months married). I've seen him maybe twice in the past 4 months and he just started this whole calling me “beautiful” and “gorgeous” recently. Maybe it's because I wear more form-fitting clothing now that I have embrac
ed my curves, but I could excuse his behavior had I not known his reputation. He hit on my mom a few years ago.

Because I am very close to my friend's mother, I would never tell her about her ex-husband's behavior, nor will I tell my friend, but this poses a question.

Would you tell a friend that their boyfriend/husband/or ex-whatever hit on you?

Back in the day, I would've gladly rubbed it in someone's face if their man wanted me. Now that I'm older, I have more respect for relationships and the people in them. But that still doesn't stop me from humming Erykah Badu's “Booty.” Lol.


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