29 May 2011

F Your Feelings

I hate bullies. I used to be bullied, but not to a great extent so I don't really have any significant horror stories. However, I work at a daycare and I watch how kids interact. Saturday at the daycare was a really light day with only 5 kids. While two were sleep, I allowed the other three to play on the Wii. Two of the kids who were playing (age 10 and 7 – boy and girl) ganged up on the 5-year-old girl. She has a slight lisp and is a little overweight, but they teased her to no avail. After telling them to stop a couple times, they continued. When I got fed up, I turned off the television without any warning. I made them apologize. The little girl just replied, “It's okay.” I let her know that it was not okay, but the tv remained off. I don't tolerate that bullshit.